Thursday, 5 February 2009


From deep within, I am emerging.
Goddess white, and brilliant.
The flame, becomes a fire.
I am incandescent.

I have bathed in turquoise waters.
Dross has turned to gold.
Sunlight, fills my being.
I am radiant.

The skin of my youth, now shed.
I recognise my shadow.
Dark corners, banished by light.
I am reborn.

Copyright © SB 2008


Mary said...

Through life we continue to shed, I think, and with the shedding comes rebirth into a new form.

Andy said...

WoW! A beautiful rebirth poem.

Thank you for sharing.

Tulika Verma said...

This is beautiful, Susannah...I specially loved the opening lines! Thanks for sharing! :)

Kim Nelson said...

I especially love the truth you speak when you say youth's skin must be shed in order for the true self to emerge. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Dark corners and circles but newer every day. Great way of looking at aging!

Judith C Evans said...

A beautiful reflection on aging as rebirth. Very nice poem!

Jinksy said...

You're a shining example...:)

Susannah said...

Thanks every one for reading and for your kind words. :-)

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