Monday, 9 February 2009

Coming into Alignment

I have come into alignment with myself, walking in
time to my own rhythm, trusting my own beat.

Scattered pieces now magnetized by my core, return
and slot in to places I didn't even know were empty.

A jigsaw coming together, edges done long ago, the
final bits are slipping easily into the missing spaces.

Fragments I suspected long gone, were not lost, just hidden.

The final piece will reveal the whole picture,
I pick it up and gently put it into place.

Copyright © SB 2009


Ana said...

Is a familiar piece of experience. :)

William H. Balzac said...

How everything comes together, one way or another.

This is a beautiful, little poem.

An Immediate expression
of the puzzle we all are
In our own way.

`x~William H. Balzac.

Susannah said...

Thank you both very much for your comments and so glad you could identify with it.

Susannah :-)

Suz said...

This was excellent
quite a bit of writing
our adult lives are like a jigsaw puzzle
what an image

Susannah said...

Thanks Suz :-)

It is always good to see you. x

Michaela said...

I wish you a good journey! And much success in assembling the parts.
Bye the way.. I loove your new website design.

Susannah said...

Thanks Michaela! :-)

I am glad you like the new look, I am still not sure and am still fiddling with it, but your comment made me feel better about it, thank you for that. :-)

Good to see you. x

Zubyre Parvez said...

Thanks for the kind comments on my blog! Wasn't aware that you authored this poetry blog too, like the concept here and how it is all brought together. Great work.

Another thing, would you be interested in a guest post on my blog, since I see that you enjoyed the poetry?! ;-) would be an honour, if interested do let me know, if you feel like, then I would just put up the poem you chose to have put up.


Susannah said...

Hi Zub, that would be great!

Thanks very much for visiting, it is good to meet you. :-)

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