Thursday, 12 March 2009

A Note to my Soul

Shine from me and fill my world with light.
Let love, compassion and all good things
radiate outward from my core.

Let me seek evolution whilst trusting
the goodness of universal love.

Let my life be a mirror,
to the beauty of all that is.

Let me transform, and purify, and make whole.

Let me be aware
Right here...Right now.

Let me align with my highest vision
and join hands with my very soul.

Let me live with love
...and the deepest of understanding.


Bunka said...

Nice words...

Susannah said...

Thanks very much :-)

Court said...

How well the ending goes. To not just live and love well but to derive from it knowledge to continue on. Thanks for these beautiful words!

Susannah said...

Hello Court,thanks so much for dropping by and for your comment, (it is nice to know someone is reading). :-)

Me-Me King said...


Shea said...

I really like the request of
-Let my life be a mirror of beauty

Our culture today gets so hung up on fashion and looks that all the real beautiful moments of life are being passed over. I too ask today that my life reflect true beauty.

Bobbi said...

Now if we could all live by these words the world would truly be a beautiful place. Good write.

askcherlock said...

Lovely and inspiring sentiments.

Susannah said...

Thanks everyone for your great comments - much appreciated :-)

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