Monday, 27 April 2009


Navigate the darkness.

Edge your way forward, one sure foot in front of the other.

Eyes closed, you trust your inner light.

Immersed in feelings you have no need of sight.

Your inner navigation knows the route.

Intuition the compass of the soul.

Feel the direction, the magnetic pull on your primal instincts.

Trust the path, trust your gut, trust your self.

Keep walking.



Oriana said...

Another insightful poem! Another one that is in sync with my life now...isn't the Internet grand, that we can share our writing and commune. Though we are separated by an ocean & a continent, we are linked by the words we type in keyboards. Hmm, problem is I don't always feel sure-footed--quite the opposite. Of course that's where trust enters...keep walking anyway. OK, picking up my damaged left foot and setting it down farther ahead of now. Thanks, Susannah!

LLnL said...

Oriana said it right "insightful" was the word I would use for a poem about trust. Trusting others is really trusting that you are strong enough to handle and overcome if someone else lets you down or hurts you. Yes someone can earn your trust but we are still human, able to make mistakes.

Bhing said...

What a nice poem.. Are you a writer or a poet it is just natural for you to write those wonderful poems? Well, you are just good.. That's the only thing I can say.. Keep it up! :)

Susannah said...

Hey Bhing, thanks for the compliment :-)and thanks very much for visiting.

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