Friday, 3 July 2009

I am . . .

I am an empty cup,

a shallow bowl,

a deep hollow in an ancient rock.

I am an unused envelope,

a blank page,

a primed canvas.

I am a rain barrel,

a vacant house.

a cavernous sea cave when the tide is out.

I am the space created by nothing,

I am expectation,

I am waiting to be filled.


Kuma said...

Your blog is awesome!



Susannah said...

Thanks Kuma ;-)

Bring Back Pluto said...

This I like!

You filled up my head nicely with your eloquent thoughts.

Bring Back Pluto

Susannah said...

Thanks Bring Back Pluto - I'm glad you liked it! :-)

Leah Whitehorse said...

Finally, finally, FINALLY I get a chance to come and look at your website!
This poem is gorgeous. I love the line "a cavernous sea cave when the tide is out". I instantly could hear the roar of the ocean, the roar of 'potential' as I read that line. Lovely imagery x

Susannah said...

Hi Leah, I am so glad you visited!

Thank you for 'hearing the roar of the ocean' in my words. . . and for leaving a comment to tell me you could. :-)

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