Friday, 23 October 2009

Dancing With Infinity

I just found some old notebooks with pages full of forgotten pieces of writing - I am posting some here, so that they don't get lost again.

Walking on the borderline

Standing on the edge

Dancing with infinity

at the thin edge of the wedge

The intellect's a master

that should become a slave

To participate in this great dance

To surf this quantum wave

If you're breathing with existance

tomorrow never comes

Be one with all the universe

You are the sacred Aum


Sunday, 18 October 2009

We Are All Naked

We are all naked

under our fashions

under our 'style'

We are all naked

under the layers

worn for warmth

worn to enhance

worn for modesty

We are all naked

we were born naked

that is how we were designed

no fur, no feathers, no scales

we chose to cover up

for a myriad of reasons

but we were born naked

we are all naked underneath


I can't understand the cry
"they are naked how disgusting,
what if the children see."

We are taught to be ashamed
of our natural state.

There is nothing more natural,
it is the mind that has a problem.


We are all naked

we were born naked

that is how we were designed

we are all naked underneath

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Another sift through some of my older writing turned up this astute observation of 'hormonal fluctuations'. . . better run for cover! :-)

One wrong word is all it would take,
the downward glance, a big mistake
the tone of your voice was not quite right
your answer falsely, unnaturally bright
I'm hyperaware and looking for clues
something to ignite my very short fuse
my nerves have trouble handling the load
when I'm primed for action, ready to explode
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