Thursday, 10 December 2009

Great News - Trust

My Poem TRUST is featured in this years Llewellyn's 2010 Witches' Companion.


Navigate the darkness.

Edge your way forward

one sure foot

in front of the other.

Eyes closed

you trust your inner light.

Immersed in feelings,

you have no need of sight.

Your inner navigation

knows the route.


the compass

of the soul.

Feel the direction

the magnetic pull

on your primal instincts.

Trust the path

Trust your gut

Trust your self

Keep walking.



Shelagh said...

Congratulations Su, you're reallying getting around and about these days.


Susannah said...

Thanks Shelagh :-)

Nice of you to leave a comment, much appreciated.

WildernessWoman said...

Your poem "Trust" was how I found your blog. For inquiring minds, Susannah's poem is on pg 266
Love, Peace and Rainbow's

Susannah said...

Hello Sage - Wow, so you found me from the book, that's brilliant!

Very pleased to meet you - Susannah x

Michaela said...

Susannah, what a success! I send you my congratulations.

Michaela said...

Oh, and what I've nearly forgotten to say: I love your poem!

Susannah said...

Thanks so much Michaela! - so nice to see you here. :-)

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