Thursday, 31 December 2009

Another New Year

Tear the page from the calender
and throw it away.
Another year gone.

Twelve edible months, consumed by time.
That voracious predator that stalks the living,
while beating out the rhythms of this earthly realm.

The ticking seconds - a metronome.

Life marches onward, minute by racing minute,
it never ceases and we must walk apace.

There is no stopping.

We can only learn to dance with each fleeting moment.
A gentle tango, weaving through the speeding years.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Processing - Composting - Growing.

Vibrating in my throat, the feeling sits, a coiled snake
- a reptile that my mind has spawned.

Yellow and black
foreward and back
its red eyes dart
. . . over my ammunition
. . . in this war of attrition

It wants control of my tongue, it needs my words

to vocalise its hiss and rattle
to bear its venom into battle
it tastes the air
. . . sensing with dissatisfaction
. . . my characteristic lack of action

We wait.

I swallow and gulp and down it goes
eating it, and its imaginary foes
it wriggles and writhes
. . . knowing I have found a cure
. . . tomorrow it will be manure

Knotted in my stomach, my digestion begins.

determined I will not be distracted
as all the nutrients are extracted
it softens and starts to dissolve
. . . slithering down with grunts and growls
. . . it enters the dark cave of my bowels

Its power is lost, it has been re absorbed

a dire situation has been elevated
the mind has lost what it created
I am retaining the power
. . . the waste is now expelled as shit
. . . to fertilise what I plant in it

Processing - Composting - Growing.


Thursday, 10 December 2009

Great News - Trust

My Poem TRUST is featured in this years Llewellyn's 2010 Witches' Companion.


Navigate the darkness.

Edge your way forward

one sure foot

in front of the other.

Eyes closed

you trust your inner light.

Immersed in feelings,

you have no need of sight.

Your inner navigation

knows the route.


the compass

of the soul.

Feel the direction

the magnetic pull

on your primal instincts.

Trust the path

Trust your gut

Trust your self

Keep walking.


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