Friday, 23 October 2009

Dancing With Infinity

I just found some old notebooks with pages full of forgotten pieces of writing - I am posting some here, so that they don't get lost again.

Walking on the borderline

Standing on the edge

Dancing with infinity

at the thin edge of the wedge

The intellect's a master

that should become a slave

To participate in this great dance

To surf this quantum wave

If you're breathing with existance

tomorrow never comes

Be one with all the universe

You are the sacred Aum



Isha Ethera said...

I like this =] nice post!

Susannah said...

Thank you. :-)

Edt said...

Very nice rhythm I like it.. reminds me of me posting my old sketchbook drawings... I also have many old notebooks that need sorting through,.. a daunting task...

Susannah said...

Hi Edt - Yes, I know what you mean, it is a daunting task. I too have many old notebooks to go through. I am just taking it one at a time!

Thanks for your comment. :-)

Carina Felice said...

Om from Buenos Aires :)

Susannah said...

Thank you Carina :-)

You take beautiful photos!

Laura Hegfield said...

Beautiful poem Susannah, thanks for stopping by my blog.

gentle steps,

Susannah said...

Thank you Laura - I enjoyed your blog and will be back to visit again.

Thank you very much for visiting. :-)

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