Thursday, 20 May 2010

Above Duality

I found tiny shards of sparkling joy
embedded in the dark earth of my sorrow
there is always a balance on this seesaw ride
life contains the seeds of its opposite in each atom
one can not exist independently of the other

yin and yang
seems to be the rules
in this realm of duality
it's how to grow
it's how we know
Its how we appreciate
the differences

but outside of the contrasts,
outside of the either, or
the this and that
above it all

there is only one thing
and it is complete

a realm of infinite possibilities
expanding through the duality
all the fragments fit together
like a perfect jigsaw
it is growing


- Susannah Bec 2010


Charles said...

Your words flow so seamlessly.....I enjoy your pieces immensely.

Susannah said...

Thanks Charles, I really appreciate your comment. :-)

Anonymous said...

You just shone light to the heart of Lost! ;) Kayin (for some reason i can't post via my Google account, hm.)

Susannah said...

Hi Kayin, good to see you, thanks for dropping in. :-)

Jingle said...

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Rally week 25 will be on July 21, 2010,
please read the post via the link carefully and make a decision, if you signed in, then come to Rally week 25 by commenting under my post...
let me know what you think.
love your creative mind here,
u rock!

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