Tuesday, 11 May 2010

In Search of a Spark

Hello, if you are a regular reader of this blog you will notice that I have designed some new graphics and given the blog a makeover! - I hope you like the changes! - Susannah x

I wander through the corridors of me,
in search of that tiny room
that contains
all I have forgotton.

The dark holds such memories,
it is taut with unspoken things.

Things that lay just below the surface,
unseen, but dangerous, even to the sure footed.

Those small wrinkles in our bedrock become molehills,
that can be magnified into mountains,
in those inner cinemas
of the unconscious.

I need to find the very darkest corner of me

and there, behind the fears
and the debris,

of a life,

half lived

I know I will find the spark.

That pinprick of startling light. . .
just awaiting the breath of my awareness
to fan it into a fire, that will flood the shadows
illuminating those inner rooms with the brightest light.

I reach out with eager hands and pick up that burning torch,
I hold it aloft, until all the dark internal places
have seen the light that I carry

Lit up from within

I remember



Image and words - Susannah Bec


Suz said...

Now you've done it....
made it even better
and more beautiful
and more meaningful
keep the writing going
i find myslef there too

Ann said...

This is wonderful. Your words resonated with my own search through the corridors of me. Really struck a chord.

Susannah said...

Hi Suz . . . thank you. :-)

Ann, good to see you here! I'm glad it struck a chord. :-)

be not blind said...

:) This is the right post. ..Love the new layout, and really liked this poem.

Susannah said...

Thanks Be Not Blind - your comments are always appreciated. ;-)

Sam said...

I think we all have hidden elements about ourselves, which are just waiting to come out. And it really is the darkest things that make us learn the most about ourselves. Once again, I find this poem highly relateable.

Susannah said...

Thanks Sam. :-)

Michaela said...

At the first moment I thought I'm at the wrong place :-)

I love reading your poems.

Susannah said...

Hi Michaela, I was hoping that I wouldn't confuse anyone with the new look! :-)

Thanks for your comment, it is very much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Balance gone. Gone the joy. Rewind, rewrite, redo. Oh that it were possible. A simple click. A press of a button. Notion of doom. Redress. Our gown soiled. Shame.

(Not on you. I do the same thing.)

Anonymous said...

Ok, just realized that when you delete your work it apparently leaves the name of it and reference on my page. I didn't know the system did that so that is interesting for me to learn. I may have been considered rude for my comments earlier. So I apologize. All this stuff is new to me. I have edited my work too and am fascinated to learn that it doesn't remove it from others who follow me. Not that anybody cares. It's your work. I like your work. Looking forward to your next posting. Thanks for sharing.

Nithin R S said...

Well narrated poetry about a search that everyone carryout during various stages of their lives.

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