Thursday, 11 February 2010

Dragging Shadows

We are dragging shadows,
with delicate threads,
as strong as wire.
Remnants of
unfinished business,
things we walked away from.
ties we did not cut.
We turn a blind eye,
we do not notice the
weight we are carrying.
Dragging our shadows
as we walk,
we wade forward,
as if through water.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Something Broken

There is something broken, something fundamental to life itself. I can not see it, but I heard it shatter long ago and sometimes when a cold wind is blowing in from the past, I hear that painful echo riding on the breeze.

It stings and buzzes, hitting the walls in a locked room, somewhere dark, somewhere hidden.

I followed the river, floating downstream and dismounted on a distant shore. I found myself running, running, I looked down at the strong legs carrying me and they were not mine.

Fragments, shards of a story are all I have.
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