Thursday, 3 February 2011

When I am gone. . .

When I am gone, I leave to you

the sunlight that sparkles on the lake

the fresh green grass and the scent of lilacs.

You may have all birdsong and a billion stars

and a soft warm breeze to touch you in my stead.

I leave you the seasons and their unending procession

deep roots and swallows swooping in summer blue sky.

White fluffy clouds and sunsets, you may have those too.

Fresh green leaves, ancient woodlands and gnarled bark,

the first crocus as it peeps through springs dark damp earth

and every russet coloured leaf that swirls in autumn is yours.

Ocean waves and soft sand, shells and driftwood, as much as you can carry.

Every friendly dog you pass in the street, the wag of their tails is just for you.

And when snow falls as it invariably will, its deep silence belong to you, just you.

The sound of every bell, the tinkle of every windchime, all yours.

Dappled sunlight dancing through deep shade is yours.

Clifftop walks and soaring gulls, they too are yours.

Filtered light and darkest night, all yours.

Rustling leaves, humming bees, yours.

Galloping horses and sleeping cats,

pale pink roses, and all my love,

are yours . . . all yours.

Inspired by the Thursday Think Tank prompt that challenged us to write a poem as if it were our last will and testament.


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh Susannah, we both did a similar take on this - yours is SO lovely, so beautiful, so loving..........

Susannah said...

Sherry, I just read yours it is so, so beautiful. We are on a similar wavelength yet again. :-)

Old Ollie said...

Like the style - thoughtful poem.

Kim Nelson said...

So nice!

flaubert said...

Beautiful gifts to leave behind.

Paul Andrew Russell said...

This is beautiful, Susannah. :-)

Deborah said...

Well that made me cry ... just beautiful, absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Susannah said...

Old Ollie, thanks. :-) I loved the simplicity and truth of yours.

Kim, thank you. :-)

Pamela, thanks very much. :-)

Paul, thank you as always. :-)

Deborah, sorry to make you cry, I felt myself welling up when I was writing it! x

Rajesh said...


Finally the long lines are out :) Wonderful. Now we all know all those things you love in life, including the wagging tail bit, God, the images are so everyday and beautiful.

Enjoyed. Thanks

Susannah said...

Thank you Rajesh. :-)

Good to see you.

Fireblossom said...

A fine fortune indeed.

Willow said...

No things could be more beautiful, more meaningful than the things you have chosen to leave, the things you treasure in you life.

Jinksy said...

A great collection, but the best is love...

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

This is just so perfect.
You have mentioned everything that I love and would miss so much!!!!

Best wishes, Eileen:)

Ella said...

I love the gifts you listed!~
Beautiful, thoughtful and all on my list of favs! Great Poem!

Susannah said...

Fireblossom, yes indeed, a fine fortune. :-) Good to see you Shay.

Willow, thank you. After all, those are the important things aren't they. :-)

Jinksy, It's good to see you. :-)

Eileen, thank you for your lovely comment. It is good to see you. x

Ella, thank you very much. It is good to see you. :-)

Rashmi said...

Soooo touchingly beautiful....

Susannah said...

Thank you Rashmi. :-)

Rallentanda said...

I'm pinching the wagging dog tails
and the pale pink roses. Lovely things to leave behind as gifts...enjoyed this very much!

Susannah said...

Thanks Rallentanda. :-)

alistair mcnaught said...

This is magical in its simplicity and so simple in its magic..
I want to be mentioned in your will!

Susannah said...

Thanks Alistair. :-)

Maya said...

... and what a legacy! :)

Warren said...

Absolutely gorgeous write, Susannah - judging from all your work I can honestly say you are a master.


Susannah said...

Maya, sorry to have missed your comment. Thank you. x

Warren, thank you so much for your kind words, they are much appreciated.

Good to see you.

"effervescencia" said...

I came across your blog through a friend. You are doing an absolutely fantastic job! I read this, in paricular, and it reminded me of the following, that I'd written long ago...


When I’m gone,
Don’t burn me up
And spread my wasting ashes on
The raging waves into
The mouths of the hungry crocodiles.
But instead,
Bury my useless bones
In the heart of the soil,
Where the only real sound is of the
Lonely cricket chirp.
The air is heavy,
Laden with the moist scent
Of apple blossoms and white lilies;
Turning mauve with the tears
At my departure…

Where the crocodiles shan’t reach
To shed their tears
And the green verdure will grow to
Rest its tiring arms on me.
The sun setting into
The still valleys of nether will
Cast its last rays
On the tomb you build for me.
Let the epitaph read of your longing of me
The rain shall drench
Me clean and
The moonbeams will
Kiss my cheeks at night.
I’m tired
Let me rest now…

Susannah said...

effervescencia, that is beautiful thanks for sharing it, and thanks too for your comment. It is good to meet you. :-)

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