Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Crimson Lips

My chalk crumbled
as I was trying to sketch your face
with your crimson lips and measured gaze.
Your soft peppermint eyes were laced with black
treacherous arrows, ancient and tipped with poison
you used them to stalk me, avid with your wordless glare.
It burns you know, as they hit my flesh, they sting and smart.
I know full well that when the bleeding wounds have healed,
new skin will grow, it will be thicker and less sensitive
it will be immune to the darts your eyes dispatch
when your mouth is pursed and silent.


Deborah said...

Brilliant, wonderfully written... and I love the colour filled red lips! :o)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Love it, especially the last two lines! Good work!

Susannah said...

Thanks Deborah and Sherry. x

Sulthana said...

It started off soft I thought it was going to be a lovey one, then it took me by surprise by becoming really harsh :)

Susannah said...

Hi Sulthana, thanks for reading and for your comment. :-)

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