Thursday, 21 April 2011

Time to take a breath

There is a time
for spiralling outward

Spreading your petals
into the sunshine

Floating your fragrance
on the breeze

A time for exhaling.

But . . .

It is also wise to recognise when
you are running out of breath

When it is time once again
- to inhale

The in breath brings nutrients
infuses us with fresh energy

Fills the empty spaces
created by the out breath

In and out
In and out

The endless rhythm
sustains life

It is so important
to know how

to breathe. . .

© Susannah Bec 2011


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Is it ever. People alwats told me that but it took me way too long to figure out something so essential:) Good poem, Susannah! Keep breathing!!!!

Rajesh said...

I completely agree. Welcome back :)

Xinguangsbk said...

Breathing in, who am I?

Breathing out, only don't know.

Breathing is not mere living,

Also a process to clear our mind

An opportunity to seek the meaning of life

Also a rehearsal for departing.

Carrie Burtt said...

So true and wisely spoken Susannah! :-)

laughingwolf said...

kinda like the book: waiting to exhale...

Susannah said...

Thanks everyone for your comments, they are much appreciated. :-)

A warm welcome to those who are new here it is nice to meet you.

Good to see you all. x

Martin (starwatcher521) said...

That's a wise advice.

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