Friday, 9 April 2010

A Container For The Flow

I give thanks for these pages
somewhere to pour my words
a container for the flow

they drip from my fingers
touching the keyboard
letters become words

building structures
sentences for my thoughts
to inhabit

dark intricate stairways forged
by the words that trickle
in well worn grooves

Blank pages that have function
enabling me to float
saving me




- Susannah Bec 2010


nothingprofound said...

Words do have the power to keep us afloat sometimes. Nice poem!

Susannah said...

Thanks nothingprofound - nice to see you here. :-)

Bibliotekaren said...

This really spoke to me. Nice.

be not blind said...

Another insightful poem. -And so true. Really liked:

Blank pages that have function
enabling me to float
saving me ...

Susannah said...

Bibliotekaren and Be not, thanks so much for your comments they are much appreciated. :-)

I love blogging, I love having somewhere for my words to go and I love to meet new people through my blogs and to read their words too.

Suz said...

drowning in
let go...I can hold a few
maybe use them myself to let go the overflowing from me

Susannah said...

Hi Suz, sometimes there's a torrent, sometimes a trickle, sometimes a drought. . .

Thanks for dropping in, it is always nice to see you. :-)

Crepuscule Colour said...

"Blank pages that have function
enabling me to float
saving me



That's SO true. Poetry is such a release AND a refuge. I even have a somewhat related thought on my blog's title description :)

Love your poems. And also your blog template. Very pretty :)

Susannah said...

Hi Crepescule colour and thanks very much for your kind comments. :-)
I am glad you like the look of my blog, I designed the header myself.
It is very nice to see you here, please drop in again.

Charles said...

Bravo! Writing is such a great release.....I smiled while reading this as I related to your words.

Susannah said...

Thanks Charles, I am glad you could relate to this. :-)

Sam said...

This poem is absolutely beautiful.

Susannah said...

Thanks Sam. :-)

Robb said...

I really enjoyed this poem. The words are so true and near to my scribbling heart. "They drip from my fingers,touching the keyboard,
letters become words" is my favorite portion. I could just envision this in an odd yet enjoyable Tim Burton kind of way.
Your blog is refreshing and I look forward to reading more of your work.

Susannah said...

Hi Robb and thanks very much for your comment.

I love the Tim Burton visual! So glad you could identify with this.

It is good to meet you. :-)

Anonymous said...

We seem to be on the same wavelength regarding the creative spark. Very well said. I really enjoy your poetry.

Susannah said...

Thanks Selma! I am glad you found your way here, it is always good to see you. :-)

Maya said...

exactly...! wonderfully said... and i so completely identify with it...

Susannah said...

Hi Maya, I think those that write understand and identify with these words. Good to see you and thanks for dropping in. :-)

Andy said...

Hello Susannah.
My first time here from Poets United, who are celebrating their first birthday and mentioned you were the first Blog of the Week:)

This piece resonates with so many of us. Life can be stressful at times and I find writing,even a few words, relaxes the mind & spirit.

Nicely penned!

Susannah said...

Thanks Andy. :-)

It is good to meet you.

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